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Watercolor pomegranate in half illustration poster

A beautifully red pomegranate in half illustrated by watercolor on white background. Use this poster as a gift for newly weds or as a lucky wish for an abundant life or just a decoration in your kitchen.

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The poster depicts a beautifully red pomegranate in half in watercolor illustration.Originally grown in Persia and Afghanistan, pomegranates are highly appreciated in cuisine, art, architecture and even ceremonies for their shape, crimson shades of color and meaning. Almost all the great religions of the world have sanctified the pomegranate and ascribed many meanings to it. The pomegranate foremost stands for fertility and symbol of life as in Greek mythology of Persephone and Hades – the God of the underworld. In time, multiple seeds in a single fruit stand for “rebirth”. Many holy scripts refer to the pomegranate seed, pay tribute to the beauty of the blooming pomegranate and the taste of its fruit, Therefore, it’s common to gift pomegranates as a wish for weddings, baptisms and hope for pregnant women.Pomegranates are the symbol of eternal life throughout the Christian world. They also have holy meaning with Buddhism and Islam. For Muslims, the pomegranate is also a symbol of beauty, it is said to give beauty to those who eat it. In modern Turkey today, many families throw a pomegranate on the floor and “crack” it on New Year’s Eve to have a plentiful new year. The pomegranate fruit has also become a meaningful form in architectural styles. The renowned palace of King Solomon had columns, the capitals of which were all adorned with the pomegranate form. Other Jewish kings’ palaces also had many walls that displayed similar decorations among leaf forms.


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