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Paris street with pedestrians, Eiffel view illustration poster

Poster of a parisian street on a rainy day illustration. Many pedestrians are walking with umbrella. Far away is the indistinct shape of Eiffel tower.

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The poster is a cute illustration of pedestrians on Paris street with Eiffel tower appearing vaguely. The scene looks even more romantic when it is put under a rain scene. A pop red color from an umbrella on the street creates an outstanding point in the whole picture.Paris, for a long time, has been an endless inspiration for many art-lovers, traveler-lovers, or fashion-lovers. It’s romantic from the kiss to the language, from the architect to the scenery. You can easily find this poster as a decoration in many cafes (coffee shops), restaurants that have a French influence. Paris definitively is one of the most searched keywords for decorating things, not only posters but postcards, patterns, gifts, painting,…Why not choose your space a Parisian thing now? It’s easy and simple to get: just one click to get this Paris street poster.


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