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Crushed eyeshadow in white background poster

Close-up shot of an isolated crushed brown eyeshadow on white background. The pic creates an abstract poster with glittering effect.

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The poster is a close-up (macro) shot of crushed (smudged) eyeshadow with brown color in white background.Eyeshadow is a form of cosmetics mainly found in a packed powder form or in some cases a dense liquid. It comes in all colors and grades to accentuate the eyes or can be used for special effects. The main type of filler used in eyeshadow products is talc. This acts as the base and body of the product. The dry binder used is magnesium stearate and silicone-based binders are the liquid binders. These are blended together in different formulations, sometimes with oils or waxes, to give either a dry or a creamy textureThe first traces of eyeshadow goes back to ancient Egypt where it was used for religious ceremonies and daily life. They used a substance called kohl which reduced infection for medical practices and glare from the sun. After brought into Greece and Rome eyeshadows soul purpose was to enhance looks and even was a way to tell what class of society you belonged to. Modern-day eyeshadow comes the fashion revolution in the 1920s in which chemists found a way to get rid of ingredients that gave unwanted effects such as irritation and hard removal.The image of the crushed eyeshadow creates an abstract effect, and in the meantime, it can show off characteristic of makeup-lovers’ favorite thing. This poster can be hanged as an advertising banner.


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