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Bird girl embracing legs in a nest photo manipulation poster

An fantasy image of a bird girl embracing her legs in her nest in photo manipulation style. The poster is suitable to be hung in spacious rooms.

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The poster is an image of a bird girl embracing her legs in a nest created by using a technique called photo manipulation. This technique the combination between photography and digital design where the artist transforms or alters a normal photograph using various methods.Depending on the intent, photos manipulated can become an artwork since they are turned into unique, surreal images and help artists to show their creativity. The scene of this photo is set up in a whole ambiance of elegant white color: white room, white tulle net, white cotton wool and a girl with white feathers resembling bird’s. This color makes the scene look like in a fairy tale. Besides, the posture of the girl turns her to an innocent child sleeping in peace. She is in nudity and is embellished with white feathers, now becoming a little bird waiting for her mother.This bird girl photo manipulation poster is suitable to be hung in spacious rooms with modern interior design.
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