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Landscapes, buildings, people, foods,… Anything you ever experienced from your voyages gathered in one place. These posters inspire travel-lovers as well as those loving nature, architecture,… Therefore, it’s suitable for your own house, for a travel agency office or for any tourist attraction. Why don’t you add some adventurous-inspiring and wanderlust-stimulating feelings to your own space? Why don’t you add something that bring back memories of youth? Indeed, this is a creative and cost-effective solution for a brand new space!

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Travel posters


You want something that reminds you about the journey you’ve gone through or journeys in the future? We have a lot of posters related to traveling in different sizes. Of course, there are canvas prints featuring iconic images such as the Eiffel Tower (France), the Alps (Switzerland), Venice (Italy) or skylines of busy New York City. Besides, there’re also photos of other natural landscapes or photos of traveling items for you to create a gallery wall. You can have art prints of a luxurious travel life or of a trip of freedom on a van. Bring the world out there to your home just by surfing Artsy Bucket!


After days of working ’til exhausted, people usually think of a holiday to relax. What would we work for? Each one of us has a different answer for this question. There are some that just need to complete their “duty” of surviving ’til death. Some want to feed their family. Some want to have a long lasting fame. But to a majority of human, they consider working a part of their journey to happiness, along with voyage. Trips to strange lands, countries, cities can help us open our mind and have a look at various cultures over the world. We have a chance to enjoy music, food, fashion, nature,… that we’ve never been imagining before. How can a person in Africa dream about snow in Europe? How would people at North Pole know about streets crammed with food stalls like in Vietnam? We need roadtrips, we also need flights. To explore, to admire and to be generous. An art print of the North Beach district (California) or photo of Van Ness Avenue would definitely be a motivation for you to work harder and to dream. Buy now at Artsy Bucket!



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